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Video clips sorted alphabetically by celebrity's first name.

Video Updates by date:   2014:  May.6, Apr.21, Apr.1, Mar.17, Mar.2, Feb.17, Feb.9, Jan.21, Jan.11  2013: Dec.29, Dec.15, Nov.30, Nov.10, Nov.3, Oct.23, Oct.6, Aug.25, Jul.21, Jun.16, May.21, May.7, Apr.29, Apr.21, Apr.7, Mar.26, Mar.16, Mar.5, Feb.25, Feb.17, Feb.10, Feb.2, Jan.26, Jan.19, Jan.12, Jan.5  2012: Dec.30, Dec.23, Dec.16, Dec.9, Dec.2, Nov.25, Nov.18, Nov.11, Nov.4, Oct.28, Oct.21, Oct.14, Oct.7, Sep.30, Sep.23, Sep.9, Sep.2, Aug.26, Aug.12, Aug.5, Jul.29, Jul.20, Jul.8, Jul.2, Jun.24, Jun.17, Jun.10, Jun.3, May.27, May.20, May.13, May.6, Apr.29, Apr.22, Apr.15, Apr.8, Apr.1, Mar.25, Mar.18, Mar.11, Mar.4, Feb.26, Feb.19, Feb.12, Feb.5, Jan.29, Jan.22, Jan.15, Jan.8, Jan.1  2011: Dec.25, Dec.18, Dec.11, Dec.4, Nov.27, Nov.20, Nov.13, Nov.6, Oct.30, Oct.23, Oct.16, Oct.9, Oct.2, Sep.25, Sep.18, Aug.28, Aug.21, Aug.14, Aug.7, Jul.31, Jul.24, Jul.17, Jul.10, Jul.3, Jun.26, Jun.19, Jun.12, Jun.05, May.29, May.22, May.15, May.8, May.1, Apr.24, Apr.17, Apr.3, Mar.27, Mar.20, Mar.13, Mar.6, Feb.27, Feb.20, Feb.12, Feb.6, Jan.30, Jan.23, Jan.16, Jan.9, Jan.2,  2010: Dec.26, Dec.19, Dec.13, Dec.6, Nov.28, Nov.21, Nov.16, Nov.8, Nov.1, Oct.25, Oct.18, Oct.12, Oct.5, Sep.27, Sep.19, Sep.6, Aug.30, Aug.23, Aug.15, Aug.8, Aug.1, Jul.25, Jul.19, Jul.11, Jun.27, Jun.20, Jun.13 

Old format, 2010: Jun.6, May.31, May.24, May.16, May.10, May.3, Apr.26, Apr.19, Apr.12, Apr.5, Mar.28, Mar.21, Mar.14, Mar.8, Feb.28, Feb.21, Feb.14, Feb.7, Feb.1, Jan.25, Jan.18, Jan.11, Jan.5  2009:  Dec.27, Dec.20, Dec.13, Dec.6, Nov.29, Nov.22, Nov.15, Nov.8, Nov.1, Oct.26, Oct.18, Oct.12, Oct.04, Sep.27, Sep.20, Sep.13, Sep.07, Aug.30, Aug.23, Aug.17, Aug.09, Aug.02, Jul.26, Jul.19, Jul.12, Jul.05, Jun.28, Jun.20, Jun.14, Jun.7, May.31, May.24, May.17, May.10, May.3, Apr.27, Apr.23, Apr.19, Apr.16, Apr.12, Apr.5, Mar.29, Mar.23, Mar.9, Mar.2, Feb.22, Feb.15, Feb.8, Feb.2, Jan.26, Jan.19, Jan.11, Jan.4  2008: Dec.29, Dec.22, Dec.15, Dec.7, Dec.1, Nov.24, Nov.17, Nov.09, Nov,02, Oct.27, Oct.24, Oct.18, Oct.11, Oct.5, Sep.28, Sep.21, Sep.14, Sep.07, Aug.31, Aug.24, Aug.10, Aug.03, Jul.21, Jul.14, Jul.7, Jul.2, Jun.23, Jun.17, Jun.09, Jun.02, May.26, May.21, May.5, Apr.28, Apr.21, Apr.14, Apr.7, Mar.31, Mar.26, Mar.13, Feb.26, Feb.18, Feb.11, Feb.5, Jan.29, Jan.22, Jan.15, Jan.9Jan.2  2007:  Dec. 26, Dec. 19, Dec.8, Dec.3, Nov.22, Nov.16, Nov.6, Oct.22, Oct.15, Oct.04, Sep.24, Sep.12, Sep.03, Aug.22, Aug.15, Aug.10, Aug.2, Jul.16, Jul.8, Jul.1, Jun.23, Jun.15, Jun.13, Jun.2, May 24, May 17, May.7, May.1, Apr.19, Mar.30, Mar.19, Mar.3, Feb.16, Feb.5, Jan.27, Jan.07, 2006: Dec17, Nov.5, October (all), Oct.21, Oct.11, Oct.2, Sep.24, Sep.20, Sep.06, Aug.24, Aug.15, Aug.10, Jul.29, Jul.19, Jul.13, Jun.27, Jun.14, Jun.9, Jun.1, May.25, May.8, Apr.29, Apr.21, Apr.10, Apr.03, Mar.25th, Mar.20th, Mar.14th, Mar.7th, Feb.26th, Feb.20th, Feb.13th, Feb.7th, Jan.28th, Jan.21, 2005: Dec.20th

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