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NEW VIDEO CLIPS ADDED SINCE:  OCT.21, 2006  (Click here for all video updates)

Elizabeth Banks having her nipple playfully flicked in "Slither" (4.9mb)

Elizabeth Banks nipple flick slow-mo loop, from "Slither" (3.8mb)

Jennie Garth with nice cleavage in "What I Like About You" (6.8mb)

Jennie Garth showing the side of her breast in love scene in "My Brother's War" (5.7mb)

Elizabeth Banks shows her nice tummy while being carried away by zombie monsters in "Slither" (3.4mb)

Elizabeth Banks tummy shot from "Slither" in slow-mo loop (9.4mb)

Elizabeth Banks - shot between her legs of her panties in "Slither" (2.4mb)

Elizabeth Banks slow-motion underwear shot from "Slither" (4.4mb)

Brittany Daniel upskirt in slow motion on "Last Call" (2006/09/30) (6.3mb)
Sophie Monk's great body with nice cleavage in bikini top coming from beneath the covers with another girl in "Click" (delete scene) (2.8mb)
The amazing workout girls in a very hot position while doing some stretching (21.4mb)

Gwyneth Paltrow topless in bed in "Mrs. Parker & the Vicious Circle" (8.7mb)

Kari Wuhrer's nice firm breasts behind only suspenders as she paints in "Sensation" (11.7mb)
Kari Wuhrer's dress top gets ripped open revealing her firm breasts, then she spreads her legs wide while having sex on a table top, from "Sensation" (9.4mb)
Kari Wuhrer removes her robe in front of mirror showing her breasts and wearing a black thong in "Sensation" (6.3mb)

Kari Wuhrer strips out of a black silk nighty and dances around topless with black thong in "Sensation" (6.8mb)

Kari Wuhrer full nude in bed having sex with legs spread on her back, from "Sensation" (10.1mb)

Mandy Moore walking with hard nipples in thin blue shirt in "Saved" (3.5mb)
Mandy Moore giving a great side view of her breast behind her open shirt, with no bra and possible side nipple shot, in "How to Deal" (1mb) Swimsuit model Melissa Keller strips out of her clothes into sexy bra and underwear revealing her amazing body with great cleavage and a quick shot of her perfect ass in "Drop Dead Sexy" (15.8mb)

Kari Wuhrer full nude in front of the mirror then in the shower in "Boulevard" (16.2mb)

Kari Wuhrer nude in the shower in "Boulevard" (6mb)

Kari Wuhrer undressing then full nude in and out of shower, in "Boulevard" (8.4mb)

Kari Wuhrer rubs Rae Dong Chong's back and pushes off her should straps then massages her.  Rae Dong Chong turns around and begins to kiss Kari Wuhrer and they go into a hot lesbian scene with lots of kissing, licking rubbing, etc... From "Boulevard" (21.6mb)

Kari Wuhrer nude having some hot doggy-style sex in "King of the Ants" (6.8mb)

Kari Wuhrer good closeup topless shot in "King of the Ants" (3.1mb)

Kari Wuhrer nude getting nailed on the couch in "King of the Ants" (4.2mb)
Ally Sheedy HOT lesbian scene with Patricia Clarkson - she opens up Patricia's shirt and kiss her, feeling and kissing her breasts and kissing her body.  From "High Art" (29.5mb)

Ally Sheedy guiding Radha Mitchell through her first lesbian time - nice shot of Radha Mitchell's pink nipple in her first nude scene, from "High Art" (23.4mb)

Radha Mitchell laying down while necking with Ally Sheedy in nice lesbian scene from "High Art" (4.9mb)

Ally Sheedy making out with Radha Mitchell in a lesbian scene from "High Art" (3.8mb)

A topless
Ally Sheedy joins Radha Mitchell in bed and starts to kiss her in another lesbian scene from "High Art" (2mb)

*Gorgeous* superblonde
Sophie Monk in a bikini with nice banana-in-mouth shots in "Date Movie" (19.2mb)

Sophie Monk showing off her perfect body and amazing ass while posing in "Date Movie" - then she strips out of her bikini at the end.  (21.2mb)

Sophie Monk's *perfect* breasts inside a loose dress top, very low cut, with no bra - perfect natural globe shaped breasts! From "Date Movie" (9.4mb)
Linda Cardellini (who played "Velma" in "Scooby Doo") doing a very sexy dance during her karaoke scene in "Grandma's boy" wiggling her great but and grabbing her breast and licking it! (13.7mb)